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Project Delivery Methods

Our Offshore Project Delivery Methods

Our software delivery model focuses on delivering profit-making, high quality as well as expert services to our customers through clearly understood project plans, clear communication channels, and software processes.

We offer clients the following delivery models or a combination.

Technosoft has clearly visible processes which consist of the complete SDLC, from the problem understanding to the maintenance and support. Technosoft can create different Software development models based on your needs such as:

Offshore Development:

We help our clients in the whole lifecycle of software development. The software development activity consists of knowing the needs of client and deep understanding of requirements.

The schedule of requirements and the date of delivery based on project staffing. Before starting the project, we provide project-specific training. Depending upon scope and complexity of the project, the team could work at the client’s environment, offshore, or even both at the same time. The complete development cycle is based on strict quality checks by our Quality Management System.

Dedicated Offshore Development Team/Captive Center:

It consists of the creation of a facility that operates like the customer’s own services unit. In this model, all useful resources needed by the client are completely committed to the client. It provides a basic control of the facility to the customer.

This type of bond is helpful for companies who know about the advantages of the offshore model. It is useful when want to add expert members to their company with an offshore price tag. The center is based on a partnership spirit with a long-term view. A motivated team is reserved only for the client’s project. This team is trained in the client’s domain and technology area. Further, a process manual is created which consists of the standards, processes, and ways of doing things.

The offshore development center acts as client’s own extended development arm with control over project priorities without incurring management hassles. Offshore development center benefits the client in terms of knowledge retention and resource availability apart from high-quality deliverables at lower costs.

“Dedicated Offshore Team/center” has played an important role in helping our customers decide to work with us. Our high-quality software development processes provides value to our clients at every stage.

Benefits of this approach are the software development team’s relation to the client, ability to do things very well, and reduced learning curve on client specific business issues.

The offshore advantage with Technosoft

Flexible cost structure and scalability:

Offshore team and costs are decided on a basis of the project complexity and are based on the project needed things and also your delivery plan.

Optimized costs:

Offshore software development offers huge cost savings, in most cases up to 40-80% of your software services budgets.

Critical client resources can focus on strategic issues:

The client staff can work on more important problems and add more profit in offshore development. Technosoft has a history of delivering projects on time and in budget. Our ability, domain knowledge and ways of doing things make sure of that your project will be finished on time with high quality.

Technosoft has experience in delivering the software in an international environment. All of the above, services can be combined into one single connecting point. We specifically act as your integration department and take over almost all the work. Or you can choose to have us design the interface as well as use your existing resources for the rest.

To discuss our services, expertise and how we can help you, please contact us.