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Custom Interface Development


We have Interfaced a wide range of medical software for hospitals, pharmacies, physicians, patients, and manufacturers. In addition to HL7, we also provide custom and other interface development services. Following are example:

  Athena Integration

We have performed the following integration services with Athena.
– Results and other files uploaded to patient charts.
– Patient demographics download  Continue Reading

   Kareo integration

Following are the two interfaces written to/from Kareo:

1) Kareo to Soapware Demographics ADT
(Admission discharge transfers) Interface using Kareo.net API and Soapware Demographics inbound text files Soapware to Kareo Billing
2) Soapware provides an XML based output for all the charges (Superbill) these charges are posted to Kareo using their “Create Encounter” .net web services.

  • Custom Billing interface
  • EDI
  • Mirth

We have extensive experience developing EDI, HCFA, and CMS interface solutions. We’ve worked on 835, 837(p), 997, and 227 EDI transmissions to Medicare, BCBS, and Highmark. We helped practice management and billing system providers to comply with EDI NPI additions and have also developed IRF-PAI, 700s, 701s, and CMS 1500 form solutions.

We take the complexity of healthcare transformation and the guidelines of regulatory laws and provide frameworks and integration solutions that enable us to meet and exceed our client’s objectives.

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