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Current Appointment Database (CAD)

Current Appointment Database (CAD)

Client: Healthcare Services

Purpose: Rehabilitation Appointment Scheduler


This application allows large rehab hospitals to schedule patient appointments with service providers, room and equipment. The application allows easy scheduling, through a wizard, to do recurring appointments, staggered appointments, bump list, messaging, double book, team scheduling, Time off, etc. This application allows for scheduling multiple rehab disciplines and scheduling resources at multiple locations. It allows dealing with provider templates, appointment slots, and provider schedules. This application is currently successfully installed at over 30 hospitals across the USA. Most hospitals are using this application with over 500,000 records with a maximum of 2Mil records.

This is a pure web-based application with some Java Applets used.

Following is what President & CEO of Chart Links LLC Dr. Ronald Miller, MD has to say about our services:

“We have worked with Technosoft for almost five years. They work as a virtual extension of our in-house team. They deliver very high quality work. The staff has a broad range of technical expertise that delivers the right solution for the problem faced. Technosoft is highly recommended”.

Important Technical Achievements:

  • Reverse Engineering of Complex Domino application Interfaces
  • Retrieving complete business logic from Lotus Notes objects and developing a functional specification document.
  • Design and development of J2EE/SQL Server-based application.
  • Performing extensive testing (automated and manual). Performing extensive testing (automated and manual).
  • Performance tuning and de-normalization based on the volume of data and usage patterns.
  • Conversion of existing customer data.
  • Archiving mechanism development.
  • Note slower GUI replaced with a faster JSP- HTML based GUI
  • Integration with many existing modules like MainPage, Referral, Calendar, Patient, Charts
  • Extracted and implemented complete business logic from Notes agents/forms/views into Java business classes
  • Handles the huge amount of appointments data that was a major bottleneck in the Notes application


J2EE, Struts, JSP, JDBC, DAO, SQL Server 2000, Crystal Reports, client-side limited Java Applets. MVC design patterns were used which makes the application more maintainable and supports application evolution.

About Client:

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