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CSymplicity Healthcare Software Bundle
Csymplicity Triage Software Bundle

Here, we reveal the purpose, client, problem, and proposed solution for the Csymplicity Healthcare software solutions application.

Client: Healthcare Physician
Purpose: Medical Software Made Simple

CSymplicity is a bundle of customized apps fulfilling the client’s goals to bridge the gap of technology and medical workflow. It focuses on making the workflow of triage patient simple between referral and tertiary facilities. It really helps to reduce the tertiary center and referring hospitals cost as well as hassle for the patient providing better, timely patient care and improved outcomes.


Csymplicity Specifics:

  • Native iOS 6+ app for iPhones
  • Native Android app for OS year 2.3+
  • Web end portal & Web API implemented using cutting edge .Net technologies
  • Fully HIPAA compliant
  • Push notifications
  • Secure management of PHI at Mobile, Web, and in transit state
  • Used in emergency treatment flows at Burn Centers · IOS image capture integration and synchronization.

Benefits & Achievements:

  • Eliminating solely reliance on verbal communication
  • Quick and Easy transferring of clinical images
  • In the result of using an efficient solution, it strengthens the relationship between referring facilities and the hospital
  • Save patients unnecessary travel expense and hassle
  • Allows providers to extract more specific and accurate patient condition

About Client:

What custom this portal offers?, What is the workflow of application? Other Features? Get answer of these and more interesting facts about CSymplicity Software Solutions on:

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