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Configuration Management Planning Process


Configuration management planning covers:

  • Definition of Configuration Management System
  • Identification and management of project data and configuration items
  • Planning and control of project baselines
  • Planning of configuration audit and status accounting
  • Build and release management
  • Definition of Change management strategy
  • Data backup and recovery planning

Process Entry/Exit Criteria

Entry Criteria Exit Criteria
  • Project scope is defined and external deliverable are identified
  • The pre-development schedule is prepared and approved and communicated to Configuration Controller.
  • Configuration Management Plan is prepared and referred to in Project Plan

Process Inputs/Outputs

Inputs Outputs
  • Project Schedule (pre-development section)
  • Proposal/Statement of Work
  • Estimation Sheet
  • Configuration Management Plan
  • Project Plan (Configuration Management Plan section)


  1. Configuration Controller with the coordination of Project Manager creates the Configuration Management Plan using Configuration Management Plan Template.

Guidelines for Configuration Management Planning

  1. Reference of Configuration Management Plan will also be provided in the Project Plan, as a Configuration Management Plan is a sub-plan of overall Project Plan.