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Communication at all Levels Or Communicate beyond boundaries

Focus on Quality Communication is one of the five important pillars of Technosoft development methodologies. We make sure that quality communication occurs at all levels during the life of a project.

Also, we give extensive requirement elicitation training to our engineers. We realize that if TS-Client communication at this level fails, the whole project fails.

Requirement Specifications:

In our communication with the client, we ensure clarity by articulating our understanding and outlining our plans for development.

We use industry standard techniques to illustrate our understanding of your requirements. All our engineers are adept in using all types of UML diagrams. We create use cases, flow charts, state charts, sequence diagrams etc frequently during all phases of software development but heavily in the specification document.

Design Phase:

You entrust us with your strategically important applications and we make sure that the design of these applications is according to your needs. We will make sure that we communicate and include you in application design.

Unknowns and Assumptions:

Experienced Project managers will attest to the frustration that is caused when a software developer assumes too much and creates a solution missing the mark or worst totally opposite what needed to be built. We make sure that as the project unfolds and unknowns are discovered, we communicate properly to clients and do not make important decisions based on our assumptions.

Project Tracking and Oversight:

Project managers are usually afraid of 90% done syndrome while working with on-site developers, let alone offshore. On-site, at least we can bug the software engineer to pull some info but with offshore, how can we know the true status.

What if I get notified of a delay in project delivery few weeks before the launch of a 12-month long project?

We understand all these fears. We have been there and know these issues.

With Technosoft, you will get a detailed WBS, Work Breakdown Structure, (the effort estimate) and a project schedule (delivery estimate) tied with WBS right after requirement specifications are finalized.

We will be sending a weekly status report with details of decided and actual estimates.

You will know as the project progresses, how the project unfolds. There are no mysteries, no hidden crazy schedules, and no surprises.

You will know about project status as much/less you want. We make sure that we communicate effectively and well in advance so you know project directions.

Inter Team Communication:

We believe that the division of labor is one enemy of communication in software teams. Yes, a designer needs to be designing and coder needs to code. But we firmly believe that effective communication should extend to every member of the software development team. Designing software solutions is a very delicate and daunting task. In order to cover all parts of the software, 180-degree communication is needed.

Project Completion Satisfaction Communication:

With all these measures for communication, we make sure that:

  • We develop your application based on your vision.
  • You know where we are at every stage of development.
  • And that under the hood that code is designed to be correct the first time avoiding costly fixes caused by miscommunication.

To discuss our services, expertise and how we can help you, please contact us.