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Change Management Process


The objective of this activity is to track and control the changes or defects in the Configuration Items placed under configuration management system. The process also serves to maintain the baselines after they are established.

Process Entry/Exit Criteria

Entry CriteriaExit Criteria
  • Baseline is established
  • Change/Defects are received from internal or external (e.g. project team or customer)
  • Impacted artifacts are updated against approved changes
  • Baselines are updated

Process Inputs/Outputs

  • Issue List
  • Baselined Artifacts
  • Updated Issue List for changes/defects status
  • Updated Defect List in the portal for defect status
  • Updated Baseline Authorization Report
  • Updated/Modified Artifacts


  1. PM receives the changes/defects from an internal or external source and logs in Issue List.

Configuration Controller Board performs impact analysis against logged changes/defects using Issue List to determine following information:

    • Impacted documents/modules
    • Effort estimates required to implement changes and update impacted artifacts
    • Is current project baseline affected due to the changes/defects
    • The decision about change approval/rejection and rejection notes in case of rejection.
  1. Configuration Controller Board assigns approved changes/defects to relevant project team members or stakeholders.
  2. Assigned personnel get the baselined impacted artifacts from the configuration management system.
  3. Assigned personnel update the impacted artifacts to implement the changes or fix the defects.
  4. Assigned personnel update the revision history of the updated documents and code.
  5. Assigned personnel send the impacted artifacts for review and approval to designated reviewers and approvers according to CM plan.
  6. If issues are identified during the review, assigned personnel update the artifacts and resubmit them.
  7. Designated approvers approve the impacted artifacts.
  8. Status of Change/Defect is updated in the respective Issue List.
  9. If the baseline is determined to be updated during Impacted Analysis, the baseline is updated following the Establish and Maintain Baseline Process.

Guidelines for Change Management

  1. During impact analysis, Configuration Controller Board should use requirement traceability matrix to identify possible impacts of changes and defects.
  2. After approval of changes in baselined artifacts, personnel assigned for implementing changes will request to Configuration Controller to grant access rights on an impacted document in order to update them. Configuration Controller will grant access rights to assigned resources and will remove the access rights after re-baseline to avoid unauthorized changes in baselined Configuration Items.
  3. While updating Code against approved changes/defects, comments should be inserted against updated code by the developer and after updating code, a reference of changes/defects will be provided in the comments while check-in in the updated code into Visual SafeSource.
  4. Approval of updated artifacts as a result of changes applies in case of documents but does not apply to the Code. For code, only code review by Development Team Lead or systems testing by the Quality Assurance team is considered as a substitution of review and approval.