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BurnHelp App

This document presents a comprehensive overview of the BurnHelp project, including its objectives, target audience, challenges, technologies involved, and the proposed solution.

Client: Healthcare Services Provider

Purpose: Burn Cases Assignment System

Burn Help is a Burn job assignment system. Different hospitals usually share information with burn experts any time a burn victim arrives at a hospital or an ambulance; a triage nurse would take pictures of the patient and send to burn specialist available. Sometimes this process takes time to locate a burn specialist and then interim treatment is required until the specialist arrives.

Burn Help solution, developed by Technosoft, allows triage nurses to take a few pictures of the patient via Android or iPhone and upload to the system. Consequently, these images are available to different burn specialists in the area and any burn specialist willing to accept the job would take the responsibility and immediately will get in contact with the triage nurse to instruct interim treatment for the patient.

So with the use of this system assignment of the provider is done in record time and the patient start to get appropriate burn treatment immediately.


BurnHelp specifics:

  • iOS App developed specifically for Burn Physicians
  • Fully HIPAA Compliant
  • Ability to assess Burn Wounds within seconds
  • Decrease/eliminate over/undertriage
  • Save the Burn Center money
  • Save patients/families unnecessary travel expense


  • Efficient
  • Safe/Secure
  • Economical
  • Convenient
  • Increase Referral Base
  • Solidify Referral Patterns
  • Monitor/Analyze Referral Trends

This is what CEO of Burn Help Dr. Hamed Amani has to say about Technosoft:

“These guys are fantastic. They are the most professional programmers I have had the pleasure of working with. They were in constant contact with me. They corrected everything I asked for. I recommend them to you highly. It is a pleasure to find this group to work with. We will be doing lots of business in the near future.”

Technology & Achievements:

  1. Native iOS 6+ app for iPhones
  2. Native Android app for OS year 2.3+
  3. Web end portal
  4. HIPAA compliant
  5. Push notifications
  6. Secure management of PHI at Mobile, Web and in transit state
  7. Used in emergency treatment flows at Burn Centers

About Client:

How Burnhelp enables the physician to assess patients within seconds from any location?, What kind of connectivity do you need to use the apps?, With which devices can use these Apps? Get answers to these and learn more about Csymplicity Software Solutions and Dr. Hamed Amani on:

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