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Automatic Processing of Adobe PDF Livecycle Designer Form

In this day of web technologies, Adobe PDF is one of the few media to provide offline printable forms that can be synchronized with web technologies at leisure. Adobe has been and will be the market leader in this area for foreseeable future. Technosoft has developed many business automation applications using Adobe technologies. Our Adobe-based solutions are currently in use by thousands of users in the Insurance and healthcare industry.


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We have developed following solutions using Adobe PDF related Technologies:

  • FDF (Forms Data Format) and XFDF (XML -FDF) based Form processing.
  • Adobe LiveCycle Designer interactive forms.
  • iText and iTextSharp(C#) PDF generation.
  • Sharepoint Collaboration.
  • Interactive PDF forms conversion and creation from different sources (we have converted thousands of Adobe forms).
  • Online HTML Forms to PDF generation, Offline PDF forms to HTML post submission, PDF to Database, PDF to emails, PDF to XML, etc.
  • Sharing common data among similar PDF forms so that user can get a pre-filled form if he requires. Form Data validation using javascript and other Adobe features.
  • PDF to silver light conversion.


Technosoft can provide technical consultancy, further R&D services, as well as help in developing Adobe solutions at a very affordable price. We will be happy to work with you and save your IT team’s time on the learning curve and development effort.

Our dedicated teams of Microsoft and Sun Certified professionals are ready to help!

If you are having trouble implementing a similar project, send email to techsupport@techno-soft.com and in the subject line enter, WSMXO and your mail will be automatically forwarded to the technology expert in this area. Or click here to submit your technical query to our support forum. We can review your code to make it operational or can stare you in the right direction.

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