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Android Healthcare Application Development

Android Healthcare Application Development Outsourcing

We have broad experience in Android and mobile business applications development. Our Android tablet solutions are sent out and used in many hospitals and clinics across the USA. Do you have a business killer application that needs to be transferred to a mobile platform? Or you have an idea that you want to turn into a mobile application, or maybe you just need another set of hands to increase your existing Android team. We sure can help! Please contact us and we will be happy to provide further info. Following the Android development services we provide:


Android Applications Development

We have been developing Android business application since Android 2.1. With tablet and mobile technology, the typical application users are now changing and this needs a different set of opinions; a mobile attitude. For example, on the healthcare side, typical web application users were healthcare providers. But now tablets are moving into the patient’s hand: in the exam room, in the waiting room and even on the operation table. We are proud to be part of this revolution. We have developed all types of Android applications. Our patient-centric healthcare applications are used in many diabetic clinics across the USA.

Android Web App Development

We have developed Android native and web applications and also made existing web applications Android compliant. We convert and develop mobile web applications with real estate, usability and user mobile environment in mind. Our mobile web application development services include everything from a simple content web site application to the most complex web-based internet applications. Our team follows a well-defined approach in ensuring that the website adapts to the capabilities of the device, browser and the user.

Android GPS & Geographic Location App Development

We are very well experienced in the GIS technology and have developed applications using Android GPS for location tracking. We have developed our own version of the “track my Droid” application which will be going on the Google Play soon.

Porting iPhone Application to Android

You can receive the necessary benefits by making your existing applications and products available on Android phones & tablets. The Android platform allows many extra features as compared to iOS. Our team of experts can have a look on the functionality and re-build your application with enhanced features on an Android platform as well as leverage the reusable component, wherever technology is compatible

Android Application Testing

We have a testing team with experience in making sure that all the mobile applications fulfil the desired business requirements and are verified to work on multiple devices and networks. They use advanced automated tools to adequately stress the application before it is certified for launch.



Technosoft can provide technical consultancy, further R&D services, as well as help in developing Android solutions at a very fair price.

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To discuss our services, expertise and how we can help you, please contact us.