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Android Application Development Outsourcing

Android Application Development Outsourcing

We have broad experience in Android Healthcare Application Development and mobile business applications development. Our Android tablet solutions are sent out and used in many hospitals and clinics across the USA. Do you have a business killer application that needs to be transferred to a mobile platform? Or you have an idea that you want to turn into a mobile application, or maybe you just need another set of hands to increase your existing Android team. We sure can help! Please contact us and we will be happy to provide further info.

Android Applications We Develop

WebRTC Solutions

WebRTC based audio-video conferencing and chat solution

Experience developing an android framework for real-time audio/video conferencing and chat SDK based on Google’s native webRTC libs as well as third-party libraries including Addlive and Frozen Mountain.

App Development

Apps for COSU (Corporate owned single use aka Dedicated devices)

Experience developing applications for Kiosks and dedicated devices that are fully managed and serve a specific purpose only. From provisioning these devices to application deployments and managed updates, all through native Android APIs.

software automated testing environment

Automated Testing Pipelines

Experience testing Android applications using Espresso, UI Automator, JUnit, Firebase Remote Test lab on CI pipelines from Travis, CircleCI, Jenkins while maintaining app quality using tools like Crashlytics, Sentry,  Google Analytics and Mixpanel. etc.

google api map

Google API

    • Maps

Experience developing Android applications using Google Maps SDK for marking locations, enclosing an area using polylines, highlighting an area using polygons and adding ground and tile overlays on the map.

    • Directions

Experience developing Android applications using Google Directions API for finding routes between locations and calculating travel time and distance for different modes of transportation.

    • Places

Experience developing an android application using Google Places API for searching places, finding places details, photos and reviews and query prediction for geographic searches.

    • Voice Recognition

Experience developing Android applications using Google Speech Recognition API for identifying spoken language and real-time transcription of audio in both online and offline modes.

    • Image Recognition (Vision API)

Experience developing Android applications using Google’s Cloud Vision API for detecting and categorizing objects in images, extracting text and moderating and detecting inappropriate content.

    • Recaptcha

Experience developing Android applications using Google reCAPTCHA API for protecting the apps from spam, automated abuse, and malicious traffic.

    • Geocoding API

Experience developing Android applications using Geocoding API for converting addresses to geographic coordinates and latitude/longitude to human-readable addresses.

    • Geofencing API

Experience developing Android applications using Geofencing API for defining perimeters on Google Maps to get notified when the device enters or exits a geofence.

fire base icon


    • Auth

Experience building Android applications using Firebase Authentication SDK for authenticating users through emails and phone numbers and managing temporary anonymous accounts for new users.

    • FCM

Experience developing Android applications using FCM for sending notifications, real-time messages and acknowledgments from devices back to the server.

    • Test Labs

Experience testing Android applications using Firebase Test Lab on a wide variety of devices, different Android versions, and device configurations through manual and robot tests.

    • Storage

Experience developing Android applications using Firebase Cloud Storage to fulfill the needs of robust operations, strong data security and scalable storage.

    • Firestore
    • Crashlytics
    • Analytics
    • Real-time Database
    • Cloud Functions
    • Hosting
    • Remote Config
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Third Party Libraries

    • Socket.io
    • AWS MQTT
    • AWS Cognito
    • Facebook, twitter and Github SDK for auth
    • ORM’s
    • Offline Storage

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