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Analysis and Design

Create formal Specification Document

Below mentioned steps are followed by Development team with the intention to form specification document:

  • Gathers requirements from emails, Meeting Minutes, Portals, Request of Proposals, Proposals or any other document. And documents the all gathered information in the requirement Specification document.
  • Analyzes all the requirements and create a high-level application flow diagram.
  • Documents Non-functional requirements and interface requirements including application blueprint and Application Layouts.
  • Documents external interfaces of the application which includes Hardware, software and communication interfaces.

Get feedback and approval

  • TQA (Technical Quality Assurance) Engineer reviews the Requirements Specification using the TQA-Review Checklist
  • Reviewer verifies that customer needs, constraints and requirements are properly analyzed to remove all inconsistencies; and ensure that a Clear, Complete, Correct and Consistent set of customer requirements is specified.
  • After the TQA Engineer review, RS author sends the RS to the assigned QA Engineer for QA Review.
  • QA Engineer reviews the RS using the QA-Review Checklist according to the RS review strategy in the Project Plan and the standard Reviews Process.
  • After QA review, Project Manager sends the RS to the customer for review and approval.
  • If a customer raises some issues, Development Team updates Requirements Specification to address them and resubmits it to the customer for approval. 
  • Project Manager publishes the approved Requirements Specification to the project team.

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