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AI Healthcare Solutions


Transform Patient Care With AI Healthcare Solutions 

Technosoft’s artificial intelligence (AI) healthcare solutions enable physicians and medical professionals to deliver individualized treatment, enhanced diagnostics, and better patient experiences.

AI based Virtual Health Assistants

Imagine having a virtual health assistant at your fingertips! Our AI-driven chatbots make it easy for doctors and patients to get quick answers to health-related questions, book appointments effortlessly, and receive the support they need. We are driving optimal health outcomes by lightening the load on healthcare providers.

Large Language Models to develop AI Based Healthcare Solutions

We integrate LLMs directly into clinical care to enhance clinical reasoning capabilities. Our approach involves integrating these advanced models into daily clinical workflows, utilizing prompt engineering to develop precise diagnostic prompts for personalized medicine.

Natural Language Processing For Advance AI Healthcare

Revolutionize healthcare data analysis by transforming patient data into actionable insights. Our cutting-edge NLP solutions extract valuable information from unstructured clinical notes, and patient records for informed decision-making.

AI based Predictive Modeling

Experience the power of data-driven healthcare. We use big data and smart algorithms to predict chronic disease risks in patients, enabling healthcare providers to make informed decisions. Our advanced analytics facilitate proactive interventions for better health outcomes.

Computer Vision With AI

Our innovative imaging solutions analyze medical documents such as lab reports, medical prescriptions, and X-rays. We empower healthcare providers with comprehensive insights for superior patient care outcomes.

Machine Learning to Develop advance Ai healthcare solutions

Our Machine Learning development services leverage advanced statistical methods and deep knowledge of ML algorithms to help you perform advanced data analytics. We assist you in deploying ML models and algorithms that process large data sets to establish clinical decision support systems.

VoiceIntake automates the patient intake process by leveraging AI for a personalized experience. It eliminates lengthy paperwork with advanced speech-to-text technology, automates form completion, and enhances efficiency through intelligent data processing and integration.

MediExplain utilizes advanced technologies to process medical reports from text, speech, or scans. It uses OCR for text and scans, and ASR for speech, offering detailed analyses and abnormality detection. It also integrates medical history for insights and provides multilingual health guidance.

SMART on FHIR application with CDS Hooks to improve decision support for identifying patients at high risk of developing sepsis.

Sepsis ImmunoScore™ is a digital diagnostic tool that uses machine learning to assess a patient’s risk of sepsis within 24 hours, integrating seamlessly into hospital workflow.


Risk Prediction

Predict and prevent chronic diseases

Pre-Visit Planning with AI healthcare Solution

Pre-Visit Planning

Identify care gaps for patient visits

Assessing Conditions with AI Healthcare Predictions

Precise medical evaluations

Remote Patient Monitoring with AI Advance solutions

Remote Patient Monitoring

Ensure timely and effective care

AI based Automated Patient Portals

 Centralize patients’ health information

Predicting Infections With the Help of AI Solutions

Predicting Infections

Safeguard inpatient settings in hospitals


Early intervention for personalized treatment

We support, monitor, and optimize AI technologies to improve their performance. Our efforts include expanding data resources to gain better insights and increase accuracy and developing machine learning models to address new business needs.

Our frameworks ensure that all your patient and organizational data remains secure and can be accessed only by authorized personnel. We offer six levels of HIPAA implementation services, from application HIPAA compliance to security training, audits, vulnerability testing, facility HIPAA compliance, etc.

Deep industry expertise and knowledge of best practices help us approach complex challenges and create secure applications. By utilizing AI models such as Genie and ChatGPT, we’re helping healthcare professionals and organizations enhance patient experiences while optimizing care delivery.

Our integration of AI with HL7 standards enables seamless interoperability facilitating the secure clinical data exchange between healthcare providers and patients. This leads to improved patient outcomes and optimized healthcare workflows.

We provide customized AI solutions that help healthcare organizations achieve their goals. Our solutions deliver accurate results, real-time insights, and informed decision support, all while integrating seamlessly with existing systems.

We take pride in our vast network of highly satisfied healthcare clients that we’ve built in over 20 years of experience in healthcare. Areas of impact include automated healthcare operations, triage and diagnosis, clinical decision support, care delivery, and much more.