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Quality Software Development is our Passion & Healthcare is our Domain


Healthcare Services

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with 10 years of Healthcare software development and integration experience. We have created numerous projects/apps for hospitals, pharmacies, physicians, patients, and manufacturers.

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HL7 Interface

We have developed and managed many HL7 interfaces including, Scheduling, SIU, ADT, Outbound Charges, Orders, Results interfaces and more. We have worked on over 20 different custom billing interface implementations, among others.

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Healthcare Technologies

We have expertise in the .NET, Java/J2EE, SharePoint, BizTalk, SQL Server, Oracle, Domino, WinRunner, Node JS, and Crystal Reports. We have extensive experience developing EDI, HCFA and CMS interface solutions.

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HIPAA Compliance Development

Technosoft has been involved with major healthcare software providers to make their solutions HIPAA compliant since early 2000. We have senior HIMSS Certified Healthcare Security Professionals in our staff.

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Powered by a good amount of experience in healthcare IT solutions, we create state of art updated and secure health apps for patients and Healthcare providers enabling exceptional results in healthcare quality, effectiveness, and accessibility.

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Certifications and Standards

We are endowed with quality certifications and standards, including CMMI ML2, ISO 9001: 2008, Sun, MySQL and as IBM Certified Partner. We are continuously striving to improve our level of services and working towards CMMI level 3.

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Some Words About Us

Technosoft Solutions is an outsourcing software development and integration services provider. We are mostly working for companies developing healthcare solutions for the U.S market. We have created many healthcare webs and mobile apps for hospitals, pharmacies, physicians, patients, and device manufacturers. For more than 15 years, our commitment to providing reliable healthcare software solutions has remained constant and stable.

Our solutions are deployed at over 1000 hospitals across the USA. We have developed scheduling, reminders, progress-notes, evaluations, telemedicine, IOMT, orders, results, HL7 interfaces, history and physical, etc. We have developed for Chronic Care, Transfer of Care, Rehabilitation, Mental Health, Burn, Pharmacogenomics, and other disciplines, Our clients are usually well versed in software development and have healthcare solutions deployed at highly reputed hospitals. We augment their resources with our HL7 integration, HIPAA privacy & security services as well as typical technology offerings (.net, Java/J2EE, iOS, Android, etc development).

We are endowed with quality certifications and standards, including CMMI ML2, ISO 9001:2008, Sun, MySQL and IBM Advanced Business Partner. Our certifications and implemented standards combined with our over 15 years of expertise, experience, techniques, processes, and best practices ensure our customers that their software will be developed on-time, within budget and be of high quality.

Our Skill Set

Repeat Business   —   90%

HIPAA Compliant Secure Solutions   —   100%

Customer given 5 star rating   —   100%

Healthcare projects per month   —   100%

Successful Case Studies


Phyzit TCM



HealthSlate Android Tablet App1

HealthSlate Android Tablet App

HealthSlate DE1

HealthSlate DE



HealthSlate Patient App

HealthSlate Patient App

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