Client Testimonials

Phyzit, Inc.testimonial image

"Offshore development was an issue of concern for us, until we met Technosoft. Within six months of working together, we were confident enough to rely on Technosoft. They have shown they really care about their customers and their requirements. Currently, we are very satisfied with the services provided by the company. We appreciate the concern and dedication shown by the team regarding critical issues and conditions."

Keith Moore    
Phyzit, Inc

Csymplicity Software Solutionstestimonial image

"These guys are fantastic. They are the most professional programmers I have had the pleasure of working with. They were in constant contact with me. They corrected everything I asked for. I recommend them to you highly. It is a pleasure to find this group to work with. We will be doing lots of business in the near future."

Dr. Hamed Amani   
Csymplicity Software Solutions

iConsultAesthetictestimonial image

"Technosoft began working on the iConsult project when my existing developer had to leave. During the process of interviewing new developers I was very impressed with their experience in healthcare tech development, their client list and quality of work in both iOS and JAVA. What became apparent very quickly is that these guys will WORK HARD for you."

Suggests for Technosoft’s potential customers:

"They work really hard and will move mountains to get the project out on time and respect your budget. They communicate exceptionally well, which was a key consideration for me and over the past months I have developed a great working relationship with Anis, Usman, Asif and the team. They have become a key component of the iConsult project and it is very safe to say that without these guys I'd never have got this far. I can't recommend them highly enough - use them."

Richard Crawford    


Phyzit, Inc.testimonial image

"It was always difficult to hire an offshore vendor by considering performance, level of understanding, trust human resource and legal issues, but in this case with Technosoft I started feeling confident right from the beginning due to their effective communication and level of understanding. I got very optimistic and positive feedbacks from my US clients regarding work done by Technosoft and I feel very comfortable as the team is always in touch with me all the time.

Technosoft team tries hard and dedicatedly to reach to my expectations and the need assessment process has been quite satisfactory and they are still doing the best.

The relationship developed between our team and the Technosoft team is great and much more seamless than we expected when considering outsourcing. The willingness to shift hours to fit deadlines, time zone issues, etc has been very helpful and the camaraderie is an excellent touch.

Mr. Anis is very knowledgeable in the healthcare and technology spaces and it was immediately apparent as our dialog began. This has been affirmed many times during our engagement. The interest, appreciation and desire to help us grow our business allayed our concerns. "

Stewart Whaley    
Chief Privacy Officer
Phyzit, Inc

Satya Media Grouptestimonial image

"We’ve been working with Technosoft for two years and as a start-up with limited funding they have never once lacked professionalism. The team at Technosoft communicates efficiently, the performance on projects is excellent and we continue to push through on our development roadmap. Technosoft met the criteria for the initial project we engaged in and thereafter have worked closely with our company to meet deadlines, maintain on-going development and support our product."

Their Mobile development(IOS/Android) skills are amazing as well."

Mary Lee Weir      
Satya Media Group

Syd-Kass Inc

"The main feature of TechnoSoft is customer care and satisfaction. They really do care the customer and always try to reach the expectations of customer. In the begging i was afraid about a communication gap due to distance, language, time zone and understanding but after getting into discussion i found the team very professional, with highest level of communication leaving no gaps whatsoever.

The teamwork is great, they understand the problem and hit the right areas and most importantly, they provide a structure for communication when and where required making sure each and every point got proper attention, discussion and solution.

Now years have passed our relationship with techno-soft has reached a level of comfort, reliability with trust and friendship. "

Rob Burton
Syd-Kass Inc

Meridia Interactive Solutionstestimonial image

"I have been most impressed by Technosoft team’s ability to pull through some tough times with us, cope with us and tolerate us. I believe that as a client, we’re less than perfect; we’re demanding and often unreasonable.

We know we have a great, skilled team that delivered many lines of code to us and not one, but several amazing products."

Peter Babel    
Chief Operations Officer
Meridia Interactive Solutions

Atlantic Decisions Inc. USAtestimonial image

“The quality of work is excellent, above my expectations. The Functional Specification and Design documents were delivered on time. Best of all, they were written to satisfy not an audience of fellow engineers, but an audience short on time and not necessarily too technical. That, to me, is the real intent of UML or other similar techniques: bridge the gap between the techies and the business people.

The database work showed what I was told --skilled modeling.

Best of all, they do not ask question for which the answer can be found readily in the existing documentation or through independent sources. They ask Questions to resolve doubt, ask for a decision or whenever they know that we can answer it significantly faster than it would take them. Outsourcing is about working smart, and they've shown this throughout all the projects they worked for us.”

Francois Koutchouk    
President & CEO
Atlantic Decisions Inc. USA

Chart Links LLC.

"We have worked with Technosoft for almost five years. They work as a virtual extension of our in-house team. They deliver very high quality work. The staff has a broad range of technical expertise that delivers the right solution for the problem faced.

Technosoft is highly recommended.”

Dr. Ronald Miller, MD   

President & CEO
Chart Links LLC., USA

PdMA Corporation

“Technosoft was able to produce a software solution for our company in a matter of weeks. Technosoft provides economical, yet comprehensive, solutions for businesses. Their communication skills are thorough, and more importantly, they support you after the delivery of their product. I would definitely recommend them."

Technosoft is highly recommended.”

Charles Boswell, CMRP
Technical Director - Laboratory Services Division
PdMA Corporation

Greener Printertestimonial image

“I found Technosoft Solutions QA services very professional throughout our relationship. The team at Technosoft maintained good lines of communication from project inception to the final report out. The project was delivering on time, on budget, with thorough documentation."

James Kellerman  
Greener Printer

Phyz Biz Inc.testimonial image

“I am impressed with Technosoft solution’s work ethics and understanding of projects, even with complicated and foreign projects such as EDI Specifications, HIPAA protocols and HL-7 standards. Their dedication to their customers is unmatched so it was very easy for a Healthcare Technology company like mine to transition the development projects from another company in India to Technosoft Solutions and I am very happy that I did do that. Technosoft Solutions is a team of people a with wide range of expertise which is helpful in offshore projects."

Riffat Chughtai    
Phyz Biz Inc.

ELM Insurance Brokers

“Working with Technosoft has been an absolute delight. Their product quality and attention to detail have far exceeded our requirements and expectations. Communication is always clear, concise and prompt. I look forward to working with them in the future."

Jose Tores
Director, MIS
ELM Insurance Brokers

Codewell Software (Pty) Ltdtestimonial image

“It's been a pleasure working with Technosoft Solutions, I am very happy with the overall interaction with team TechnoSoft. And I would do it again any time."

Shawn de Wet
Codewell Software (Pty) Ltd

Seth Turin Media, Inctestimonial image

“Good work done within a reasonable time frame. My project was complicated and took several go-rounds to produce the result we wanted but they did respond and completed the work whenever we asked for changes."

Jason K  
Outsourcing Manager
Seth Turin Media, Inc

TelcoCentric Pty Ltdtestimonial image

“Great Job guys. I am very happy with the software and your ability to come up with creative solutions. I will use you again."

Luke Mansfield
TelcoCentric Pty Ltd

ManyWhotestimonial image

“Great job - will be using for future projects. Excellent quality of work."

Steve Wood     
Co-founder, CEO

HL7 Lab Orders and HL7 Lab Results

"Technosoft demonstrated advanced HL7 knowledge and had a far more detailed plan than any of the competition. Reasonable price for quality work, and the project was finished ahead of schedule. Great communication. Thanks for the hard work! "

Mattew Ricker
HL7 Lab Orders and HL7 Lab Results

Bushler Ventures, LLCtestimonial image

“Anis gave our team an overview of EHR integration methodologies available in the marketplace. He seems very knowledgeable and responsive."

Anatoly Bushler  
Bushler Ventures, LLC

OneLifeCentraltestimonial image


“The team is highly committed! I recommend them"


Roger Hamilton     

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Why Technosoft

  • 10+ years Healthcare IT expertise
  • In over 2000 USA hospitals our       applications are in use.
  • Strong Exposure in mHealth
  • Expert with HL7/Custom Interface       Development
  • 90% Repeat Busniess
  • SEI CMMI Level 2 Appraised