Kareo Integration

Kareo is the only medical software platform purpose-built with the small practice in mind. Kareo’s cloud-based practice management software and billing services help small practices adapt to change and prosper. Kareo shares a vision with the many physicians who have made small practice their life’s work. We believe small practices are the best place for building relationships with patients and delivering the most meaningful care.

But in today’s healthcare environment, these doctors are pulled in so many different directions. Without the right tools and support, the paperwork, the complexity, and the administrative hassles they face distract them from their most important job - patient care.

Following are the two interfaces written to/from kareo:

Kareo to Soapware Demographics ADT (Admission discharge transfers)

Interface using Kareo.net API and Soapware Demographics
inbound text files

Soapware to Kareo Billing

Soapware provides an XML based output for all the charges (Super bill) these charges are posted to Kareo using their createEncounter .net web services.

The interface is written with extensive logging and fault tolerance in mind.

1: Kareo exposes two web services (GetPatients and createEncounter) that were used to get demographics from Kareo and create charges into Kareo.

2: SoapWare accept a CSV file for patientDemographics. It uses a CSV file but it is more of a segment based file similar to HL7. A typical CSV (Comma Separated Values) file has all rows contains similar data, and in segment based file, there are multiple types of rows that need to be created/parsed. So we were not able to use either the HL7 transformer or CSV transformer classes. We created custom transformer classes to create the files needed by SOAPware.

3: SoapWare has an API to export charges (SuperBill) in XML format. We parsed those files and dumped them into Kareo.

4: Kareo restricts polling of its system to every 5-10 minutes. So the interface was developed with that restriction in mind.

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"Offshore development was always been an issue of concerns for us until we met Technosoft. In six months time we were confident enough to relay on Technosoft as they really care about the customer and requirements. Currently we are very satisfied with the services extended by the company. We must appreciate the concerns and dedication shown by the team in critical issues and conditions."

Keith Moore - CEO
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