Healthcare Software Development and Integration

Healthcare Software Development & Integration

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Healthcare Software Development and Integration

Secure, Elegant & Easy-to-use mHealth Apps

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mHealth Apps
Healthcare Information technology

HL7 Interface Design & Development

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HL7 Interface Design Development
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Custom Interface & Integration Development

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Custom Interface and Integration
Healthcare Integration Specialist

No one has done as many Healthcare Applications as we have

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Healthcare Applications
Healthcare software development

Wearables Devices Integration

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Wearables Devices Integration

Quality software development is our Passion & Healthcare is our Domain

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Healthcare Software Project Profiles

We have deep experience developing Healthcare and Medical IT Software applications. We have created applications for hospitals, pharmacies, physicians, patients, and manufacturers. Our solutions are used in main hospitals, clinics and medical setups across the USA. Following are recent projects that we have done in past and currently developing for our clients:


EMR Care Management Solution

Phyzit is a transition of care management solution. The Phyzit solution allows physicians to virtually visit patients via secure Video conferencing solution.

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HealthSlate Patient app

Disease Management System

HealthSlate Patient app is a chronic Disease management system allows users to take pictures of their food and send to dietitians...

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Burn Cases Assignment System

Phyzit is a transition of care management solution. The Phyzit solution allows physicians to virtually visit patients via secure Video conferencing solution.

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HealthSlate Tablet App

Diabetes Educator Solution

Healthslate Diabetes Educator Solution has been deployed at around three thousand educators across the country. This HealthSlate solution is delivered prepackaged in an Android tablet for Diabetes Educators with required tools...

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My Secure Meeting

Instant, Secure Video Calling

MSM is built on WebRTC, a standards-based approach to enabling real time communications through a common set of APIs. This is secure browser-based video calling that seamlessly allows you to connect all devices.

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HealthSlate DE

Medical/Treatment Information

The HealthSlateDE App is exclusively for use by members of the American Association of Diabetes Educators to use with patients. The app features videos, games, medication information and content from the AADE7 curriculum.

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"Offshore development was always been an issue of concerns for us until we met TechnoSoft. In six months time we were confident enough to relay on Technosoft as they really care about the customer and requirements. Currently we are very satisfied with the services extended by the company. We must appreciate the concerns and dedication shown by the team in critical issues and conditions."

Keith Moore -
CEO, Phyzit

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"Technosoft began working on the iConsult project when my existing developer had to leave. During the process of interviewing new developers, I was very impressed with their experience in healthcare tech development, their client list and quality of work in both iOS and JAVA. What became apparent very quickly is that these guys will WORK HARD for you." -

Richard Crawford -
 CEO, iConsultAesthetic

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“It was always difficult to hire an offshore vendor by considering performance, level of understanding, trust human resource and legal issues but in this case with Technosoft i started feeling confident right from the beginning due to their effective communication and level of understanding. I got very optimistic and positive feedbacks from my US clients regarding work done by Technosoft and i feel very comfortable as the team is always in touch with me all the time.   Continue reading...

Stewart Whaley - CPO, Phyzit

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“We’ve been working with Technosoft for two years and as a start-up with limited funding they have never once lacked professionalism. The team at Technosoft communicates efficiently, the performance on projects is excellent and we continue to push through on our development roadmap. Technosoft met the criteria for the initial project we engaged in and thereafter have worked closely with our company to meet deadlines, maintain on-going development and support our product.”

Mary Lee Weir -
CEO, Satya Media Group

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"These guys are fantastic. They are the most professional programmers I have had the pleasure of working with. They were in constant contact with me. They corrected everything I asked for. I recommend them to you highly. It is a pleasure to find this group to work with. We will be doing lots of business in the near future."

Dr. Hamed Amani -
CEO, Burn Help